content writing advice - start with the chase scene

Start with the Car Chase

The Fastest Way to Overcome Writer’s Block and Create Positive Momentum

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The hardest part of writing is initial hurdle of getting started. Staring at a blank white page can feel like facing an insurmountable monolith of nothingness. But there’s a simple strategy that can help you race past this roadblock: skip right to the fun part and start with the action.

Imagine you’re writing a feature-length movie script. You know those first 10-pages are vital, but deciding exactly HOW you start can drive you straight to writers’ block. So, rather than getting stuck on the intricacies of the opening act, you could dive right into the heart-pounding car chase scene. After all, you’ll need an exhilarating chase in your script anyway, so why not write that part first?

This approach isn’t limited to screenwriting; it applies to any format, from blogs and “Thought Leadership” articles to annual reports and even press releases.

If you find yourself unsure of where to begin, consider starting in the middle. Much like a gripping car chase, starting your writing in the meatiest section gives you a surge of forward momentum that propels your progress. Once you get started, you’ll discover that it becomes easier to keep going.

Here, the car chase as a metaphorical springboard that catapults your writing process. By immersing yourself in an exciting or captivating section of your work, you can tap into the energy and enthusiasm that comes with it. This allows you to bypass the overwhelming pressure of crafting the perfect introduction and instead jump right into the heart of the matter.

content writing advice - start with the chase scene

Starting in the middle not only helps to break through writer’s block, but it also enables you to find your rhythm and voice more effortlessly. As you begin writing from a point of interest or intrigue, ideas and connections will naturally flow. The process becomes less daunting as the words flow onto the page.

To illustrate this further, let’s consider the example of an aspiring travel blogger. Rather than agonizing over a captivating opening paragraph, they could jump right into describing a thrilling adventure in a distant land. By vividly recounting the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping or the mesmerizing beauty of an ancient temple, the writer can immediately captivate readers and draw them into their narrative.

Photo of a motion picture car chase as a metaphor for defeating writers block

Similarly, a business writer tackling an annual report might choose to kick off her writing session with the powerful case study that will be the centerpiece of the article. By working on the compelling (and, yes, easier) success story right from the beginning, the writer will quickly find a screen full of text, instead of the daunting blank monolith of nothingness.

Starting in the middle isn’t about abandoning the importance of structure or neglecting the traditional conventions of writing. Instead, it’s a method to overcome the initial inertia and unleash your creative energy. Once you have written the core sections or the most exciting parts of your piece, you can circle back to the beginning and craft a compelling introduction that seamlessly sets the stage for what’s to come.

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