Content Marketing

Everyone knows that a high Google ranking will bring people to your website. But great content will keep them engaged. Creative content from Interra will instill confidence in potential customers with well-written, authoritative pages, articles and posts.

We generate great content for clients in myriad fields. Whatever the subject, we deliver illuminating and engaging articles, webpages and blog posts of any length. (Typical blog posts are 400-800 words long. Articles and webpages can be up to 800-1600 words or even longer.) Not sure what to write about? Our creative team can help you make a Content Marketing Plan.

What is Content Marketing?


Keyword Research

We will create a list of common and ‘long-tail’ keywords based on how potential customers use Google to find businesses like yours.

Content Research

Our team will get up to speed on your business, industry and/or products so that we can create lively, engaging and accurate content.

Content Writing

Generating content is what Content Marketing is all about. There’s no shortcut to creating keyword-rich content. Our writers excel at this.

Promote & Share

Once the content is written, we will use your Social Media platforms to share and promote all this wonderful new content and drive visitors to your site.

Content Marketing Helps SEO Results, Too!

We preach this simple concept constantly: A great blog article or social media post can drive significant traffic to your website, but the actual text content on your website is the single most important aspect of your website’s Google ranking? Well-written, keyword-rich content helps the various search engines associate your website with certain terms (keywords). The more content you have, the more pages Google can index, the more value Google gives to each keyword on your website. Simply put, quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and, despite all the tricks SEO companies will try to sell you, there really is no substitute for great content.

Free Content Review

How are you feeling about your website’s content? Well, we’d like to offer your business a free, no-obligation, no-commitment Content Review. Our creative team will schedule some time to examine your website, paying particular attention to the style and scope of your written content. Our review will provide you with unbiased feedback on the quality of your content as well as how your content will positively or negatively affect potential customers. 
We will also dive into how your content is helping or hurting your search engine optimization efforts. We will suggest article subjects, blog post topics and attention-grabbing headlines. These suggestions may be broad or laser specific. Either way, you can take our ideas and write them yourself. Or you can let our creative team of content producers generate link-worthy content for you.