Search Engine Optimization

Maximize Your Website’s Search Engine Visibility

For the majority of today’s businesses, Search Engine visibility is the key to delivering traffic, business growth, lead generation and online sales to your website. InterraMedia provides research-based SEO services designed to organically increase your website’s exposure and traffic via enhanced search rankings.

The SEO Journey
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Before beginning any SEO initiative, It is important to understand SEO work is a journey… and one that can’t be hurried.

Google does not crawl the web every single day and your ranking won’t change overnight. In fact, businesses should fully expect any SEO plans to involve six+ months of focused effort to reach the top of the Google or Bing or Yahoo Search Engine results.

That takes patience, so for our clients who need quicker website traffic results, we recommend a multi-pronged approach that incorporates paid (pay-per-click) marketing as an initial strategy. Such a plan starts with some paid advertising while we concurrently implement content marketing and SEO services. Over time, we slowly phase out the paid advertising as your organic Search Engine visibility begins to grow.

SEO Consultants

Our SEO Consultancy services provide in-depth analysis, research and recommendations for websites which are unfortunately experiencing difficulty with their Search Engine visibility and rankings.

SEO Reviews

Our Search Engine Optimization Reviews examine technical elements of your website which directly impact your Search Engine visibility and ranking. We identify both issues and opportunities to improve your online success

SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimization can sometimes seem rather nebulous and confusing. For this reason, we have created itemized SEO packages that offer you specific services at a great value so you may experience great SEO results.


SEO Copywriting

We mention this over and over, but content is the single most important aspect of your SEO. An abundance of keyword-rich content will help bring your target market to your page and our engaging copy will keep them there.

Keyword Research

The days of identifying 3-5 broad keywords for each website are long gone. In today’s Search Engine-driven market, every website owner needs to work with dozens or hundreds of possible keyword phrases. We can help.

Longtail Keywords

Long tail keywords are three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to what you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.


Why is SEO so important to my website?

By optimizing your website for seach engines, your website will rank higher in Google and other search engines. This means more people will organically find you when they use Google to search for your services in their area. If your website is invisible on Google, people will find your competitors’ websites instead.

Is SEO different than PPC?

SEO is used to generate so-called ‘organic’ clicks, where people use search engines to find businesses like yours and click on the link to your site. The higher your ranking, the more people see you in their search results and click on your website. PPC (pay-per-click) is the process of purchasing sponsored links on Google or banner advertising on other websites to generate clicks.

How long does an SEO project take?

SEO is a complex undertaking. There is a lengthy checklist of tasks we can undertake immediately, which can usually be completed in two weeks or less. Then there is the ongoing tasks of ‘content marketing’ which is adding fresh content (usually in the form of a blog) to your site. Google prefers to see a ‘living’ website which is being grown and updated and a blog is a natural way to achieve this. Ideally, you will never stop adding to your site. Our ‘website management services’ can take on this task for you.

How soon will I see a change in my Google ranking?

We often warn our clients that Google is not a lightswitch. We can’t control what they display and even in the best circumstances, changes to your ranking will be incremental over time. While we have achieved a #1 overall Google ranking in a single month, a typical SEO outcome might be up to six months.

Can you get my site to #1 on Google?

Yes! We have gotten many websites to #1 overall for their chose search terms.

Does my blog help my website's SEO?

Blogs are one of the best SEO tools we have, since each new article can be loaded with relevant keywords for your website. More pages with more keywords is the basis of ‘content management.’

Is SEO measurable?

Absolutely! The most important measure is your website’s actual Google ranking. Before we begin, we will find your site’s ranking for several common keywords and phrases. We then measure how these rankings change over several months.

Search Engine Optimization

We’d Love to Optimize Your Website

Try this: do a Google search using common keywords your customers might use to locate you. Are you on the first page of Google? Well, if you feel that your website is under-performing, we can help. And to make it extra easy on you, we’ll take a look at your website at no charge to you.