Engaging, Keyword-Rich Product Descriptions to Engage Consumers and Drive Sales

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There is an art and a science behind the most successful product pages on eCommerce platforms like Amazon and WalMart


Keyword Rich

We conduct extensive keyword research to help raise your product’s visibility on platforms like Amazon and WalMart.com.


Engaging Writing Style

We employ an engaging writing style to generate lively product descriptions which have been shown to help increase sales.


Value & Lifestyle

A big part of the purchase decision process for consumers is seeing the value they receive from a product, making it easy for them to click Buy Now.

eCommerce Services

Concise Descriptions

Your eCommerce product pages will feature clear and concise copy which celebrates the best qualities of your products while relaying the value proposition your product represents.

It would be simple enough to create a long list of every potential keyword and get your page ranked higher on search engines.

But even though Google might like it, your customers wouldn’t like to read a long list of keywords. Thus, our writing staff will artfully use your product’s specific keywords and phrases to create a rich description of your product in a way that reads like a regular product description.
Consumers love to read bullet points, so whenever possible we will include a bullet point list in your description. Consumers also respond to detailed product descriptions, including physical details of height, weight and dimensions. We will incorporate these elements to create keyword-rich product descriptions which not only engage potential customers, they help raise your product’s visibility in search engine rankings.
Interra Design Studios generates clean, concise product descriptions which simultaneously achieve two goals:

Engage Customers

Our product descriptions are written specifically to engage potential customers and increase your sales

Raise Visibility

With extensive keyword research and usage, we will increase your product’s visibility on eCommerce platforms.