NWA Media Relations

Concise Press Release Writing

Whatever business or industry you’re in, your organization could certainly use some of the free publicity which comes from having your business mentioned in newspapers, journals and blogs. Press Releases are also great content for your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

We have years of experience working with newspapers and media outlets, so we know exactly what these organizations look for in a press release.

We write crisp, concise press releases which get media attention. Whether you have industry news, an important announcement, or a forthcoming special event, we will describe your information clearly and accurately in media-friendly AP Style.

If your website does not currently have one, we strongly suggest you add a Media or News page. Having news headlines and announcements on your website strongly enhances customer perceptions and loyalty towards your company. InterraMedia’s writers can provide everything you need.

The best thing about writing and distributing Press Releases is how they can produce marketing results on several fronts simultaneously:


  • News is free publicity via news outlets
  • Customers and clients view your organization with enhanced confidence and authority
  • By placing the press releases on your website, you are effectively adding more keyword-rich content to your overall website, thus helping your own SEO efforts.

What is Newsworthy?

There are endless topics for business-related press releases. Some news items might only be interesting to your employees and most loyal customers. But some news items are certainly newsworthy, whether locally, regionally or even statewide or nationally.

If you’re interested in the benefits of press releases but you’re not exactly sure what you have to offer, we can help you identify potential news within your organization, including but not limited to:


Product Release Announcements


Business or Industry News

Special Community Events

Notable Hires & Employee News

Annual Reports & Forecasting

Program or Initiative Launch

New Business Partnerships or Notable Deals

New Locations

NWA Media Relations:
Press Release Deliverables

With every press release we write, we will provide your release in three formats for your convenience:


Plain text is best and easiest for website use.

Word Doc

Helpful in case you want to reformat or edit the release in the future.


The preferred format for emailing to media outlets and website downloads.