Keyword Research

For every business, service, industry and product there is an infinite variety of keywords and phrases potential customers will use when searching for you and your products. Identifying the not-so-obvious keywords can give your products higher visibility in searches.

How does a search engine (like Google or Amazon) know to associate your product with those keywords and key phrases? When a search engine indexes a page, it makes a list of the most common words appearing on the page, especially those which are similar in subject and usage. If these words are also used in the page’s headline, image file names and other areas, the search engine will strongly associate your product/page with those words. Using these common keywords is great for search engine visibility, including higher visibility on eCommerce platforms like WalMart, Jet and Amazon.

eCommerce platforms work in a similar fashion to major search engines like Google.

The methods we use for Search Engine Optimization are equally important for product pages on Amazon as they are for your business website.

The Important of Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is now common practice for all eCommerce endeavors. To help your product gain increased visibility, it is vital to identify the specific keywords and keyword phrases (sometimes called a ‘long-tail’ keywords) that potential customers or clients will use to find you.
InterraMedia will research your product and develop a master list of keywords. Our keywords research goes beyond the common “nouns” which describe the product itself. This list will be valuable not only for product pages on eCommerce platforms, but for your corporate website as well.