InterraMedia provides a wide range of valuable eCommerce services designed to optimize each product listing and maximize your online sales potential.

Item Descriptions

Keyword-rich and optimized descriptions are not only critical for driving sales, they are also vital to raise your product’s search engine ranking.

Keyword Research

Our keyword report identifies numerous phrases and “long-tail” keywords your customers are mostly likely to use to find your products online.

Competitive Analysis

We can provide your team with a robust analysis of similar items which will help us determine how best to position and describe your products.

Product Photography

Our staff photographers produce razor sharp images on a crisp, seamless white background which showcase your products from many angles.

Lifestyle Photography

Where appropriate, we offer extended lifestyle photography services which showcase your products in the real world with real people.

Product Videos

Our video production partner produces the 30-second product videos which are increasingly common on eCommerce websites and help drive new sales.