Introducing InfiniteContent from InterraMedia.

Infinity is a mighty big number.

What’s the big deal about so much content? Well, all things being equal, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, a website with more content and pages will rank higher than another website with a smaller word count.
The highest ranking websites on Google currently have literally millions of webpages. Your competitors probably don’t have websites quite that big, but the point remains: there is little reason to waste time and money on SEO tricks until you have website that Google *wants* to rank higher.
Google indexes content. This means, fundamentally, you need more content than the competition. All other components of your website (images, graphics, alt tags, meta tags and embedded videos) play a secondary role. A cool photo might catch the eye, but a website padded with keywords and text is vital for search engine optimization.
Simply put, no other website element is more critical than the text itself. But unfortunately, you can’t just rubber stamp the same page over and over a million times. Google’s algorithm is smarter than that. They will know you’re cheating and, in most cases, actually lower your website’s ranking.

So we created a method for creating limitless,
original, non-duplicate content for websites.

Why so much content?

More content = more pages. More pages = more chances to use your organization’s keywords to be indexed by Google as you build ‘authority’ in the eyes of the search engines. More pages gives you more changes to have pages indexed by Google and displayed in search results.

Original, non-duplicate content is the single most important element to the overall success of your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing catalog the text content of your home page and then follow your site’s navigation to inventory the text content on all the other pages of your site.

There’s One Giant Catch… for all Mankind.

Duplicate Content is a Giant No-No. Sorry, but you can’t just cut-and-paste the same article over and over to increase your content. Duplicate content is verbiage that closely resembles or is identical to text on a different page or website and Google is on the lookout for it. When Google crawls your content, they can quickly discern that your organization is duplicating exact content.

Whether that content comes from other business’ website or even your own site, your website will be docked with a decreased search engine ranking. Google has painstakingly worked to deliver the best results to its users, and uncovering duplicate content is a vital part of that. Thus, every page, news article, or blog post on your site must at a minimum contain original content.

But, really, INFINITE?

So, how exactly do we measure “infinite” content? On a fundamental level, we put so many variables, options, content paths and sources into every InfiniteContent custom solution, that the number of possible iterations is nearly incalculable. But to give you a rough idea, think of it like this:

  • If you output a page of content from our software…
  • Once every second…
  • For every second the universe has existed since the Big Bang. (That’s 13.7 billion years worth of seconds) ….
  • You would have to do that several billion more times before our code gave you something identical.

So, yeah, we consider that to be effectively, if not literally, infinite.

How is this possible? Well, that’s a trade secret that we won’t spell out right here. But, to be sure, this is NOT some automated thesaurus-type program. Each word, each sentence, is hand-written so every iteration of content makes perfect sense.

And more importantly, every page of content deviates from all other possible iterations enough for Google to think you’ve written each page by hand. Interested?

We’d love to meet over coffee and tell you all about it.