Website Hosting Management Services

Note: InterraMedia no longer host websites on our own servers.

Over the years, the marketplace changed to the point that it’s simply easier and more affordable to outsource hosting to one of the large hosting companies. We prefer to host with GoDaddy. However, we are more than happy to take the headache of website hosting setup and management off of your hands and manage your hosting account with any major web hosting service.  

With prices universally low, there are many other ways to gauge a hosting service.

Our chosen hosting service guarantees 99.99% up time, which means your website is always available for customers. Moreover, large bandwidth is important for the rapid display of content as well as the downloading of videos, PDFs and other larger content items. We only recommend hosting packages that include automatic daily backups, so that no matter what happens to your website, you can always revert backwards one day and recover a mirror copy of your entire website.