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Based in Fayetteville, Interra Design Studios creates bold, modern website designs for clients in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

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The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design. – Massimo Vignelli

There are more than a few elements of website development which determines if a project is successful. Web designers and their clients need to be wise to these components of modern website standards. There are somewhat divergent interpretations of what makes a website project awesome, but here are the modern standards a great website.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Simple Navigation
  • Legibility
  • Great Articles
  • Beautiful Layout
  • Full-Screen Photos

Responsive Websites

A responsive site is one that automatically modifies the design and layout of the page elements to be correctly for each monitor screen dimensions. This means a responsive site will look correctly on any screen size, even phones and tablets. The website will know the pixel dimensions of the visitor’s monitor, phone or tablet screen and change the sites layout to best fill the screen. Having responsive sites is no longer an alternative. Every modern sites are required to be responsive.

Due to the popularity of smartphones in the world in the world, search engines now ranks responsive sites higher in their website rankings. In particular, WordPress website design is important for a clean, responsive website design. For this reason alone, if your organization have decided to invest in an upgraded website, please insure that you are receiving a responsive site.

Organizing Your Website

There is literally no reason to launch a website that is difficult to use. Making a site where your audience can’t find what they need absolutely defeats the purpose. Regardless of what your website is for, make it straightforward for your visitors to discover it. Make it straightforward for them to locate what they want. Website organization and simplicity of use is one of the main aspects of a successful website.

In addition to logical navigation, it is vital that you make sure the actual text on your site can be read easily. That means using a font style larger than 12 points. Contrast is also crucial. Put white text on darker backgrounds and darker fonts on lighter backgrounds.

It’s All About Content

People visit your site for your content, not because of your award-winning web design. Your site’s content (text, video, images, etc.) is what your website audience is looking for. This fact is uncomfortable for many designers to hear, especially because it means creating websites is really of lesser importance than generating articles. But fundamentally, your site is only as good as its content.

  • Well written, keyword-rich content
  • Engaging topics, tone and voice
  • Free of mistakes and typos

The appearance, photos, layout, ease of use, and functions will engage your site visitors, but they will dig deeper thanks to your content. It is a good strategy to to have a combination of good, broad overview text and detailed articles throughout your site, with keyword-rich text and impactful photos to communicate your message.


Photos Make Any Website Great

InterraMedia provides world-class photography services to accent your website, app, or design project. Modern trends in site design use full-width photos. The reasoning is uncomplicated elementary: full-width photos are interesting. And, full-screen photos do not require much in terms of graphic design knowledge. Examples are everywhere. Take our advice, site visitors will respond to outstanding photography on your website. But, where do designers acquire great images? For many web professionals, images are purchased from stock photography websites. Some designers have custom photography services. Still, a quick web search will reveal many free photo websites.


Web Design for Fayetteville

Based in Fayetteville, Interra has built dozens of websites for businesses and non-profits right here in our home town since 2004.

Web Design for Bentonville

InterraMedia frequently works with the vendor community in Bentonville.

Web Design for Rogers

Interra designs and builds modern, responsive websites for clients in Rogers.

Web Design for Springdale

InterraMedia works with my website design clients in Springdale.

Web Design for NWA

Interra designs and develops websites for valuable clients throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Web Design for Arkansas

InterraMedia’s design team builds websites for corporations, small businesses and non-profits all across Arkansas.