NWA Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing & Management with Vibrant, Stimulating Content to Raise Brand Aware and Engage Your Audience

Interra Design Studios generates attention-grabbing social media content which best utilizes the various social media platforms’ best aspects.


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We’ll help you create vibrant, eye-catching photos and graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our content specialists will compose attention-grabbing text articles for blogs. And we’ll make sure your Twitter account is alive with activity, including share-worthy links and commentary in 140 characters or less.

We have worked with enough organizations to fully understand that every social media marketing campaign is unique. But the most common and straightforward strategy involves a blend of blog posts which are cross-linked to your social media account along side direct-to-social media posts.

Our NWA Social Media Marketing services include the establishment an editorial calendar which will bring your future blog posts, social media posts into sharp focus. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants, we will help you plan your campaigns months in advance. whether your business depends on Back to School or Black Friday, Giving Tuesday or summer break, InterraMedia will insure that your posts are designed and ready far in advance.

InterraMedia has the knowledge and experience to handle ALL these aspects of Social Media Marketing & Management. For each new campaign, we will help create the perfect #hashtag to help tie all your social media posts together while giving your customers and fans a simple and effective way to follow your campaign, products and company. And whether your campaign needs photography, graphics, or text copy, we will provide engaging content for your social media accounts.

We have identified Three Pillars of Social Media Success


The high-level goal setting, campaign concepts, brainstorming, creativity.



The actual creation of copy, images and graphics for dozens or 100s of individual posts.



The literal act of scheduling, posting and cross-linking each post on your various social media platforms.

Get Control of Your Social Media Plans

The simple act of creating an editorial calendar will allow your social media marketing to proceed with maximized effectiveness and streamlined efficiency.

Your campaign will proceed with renewed confidence while you were personally know peace-of-mind that your social media accounts are out there working on your behalf, every hour of every day, promoting your company or products in the best possible light.