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Founded in Fayetteville in 2004, Interra Design Studios has been developing bold, modern, vibrant website designs for clients in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Fayetteville Website Design Services

The problem is there are no simple answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need, that is carefully thought out, well executed, and tested. – Steve Krug

There are more than a few components of website development which determines if a project is fantastic. Designers and their clients should be knowledgeable of the features of good website development. There are somewhat broad interpretations of what makes a website fantastic, but here are the criteria a great website.

Responsiveness is Now the Starting Point

A responsive site is one that automatically alters the design and layout of the sites page elements to be fitting for every monitor screen aspect ratio. This means a responsive app will appear correctly on any monitor, phone or tablet screen. The website will know the dimensions of the visitor’s phone, tablet or desktop monitor and change the sites appearance to best display on the screen. Building responsive websites is no longer an option. Every up-to-date websites simply must be responsive.

Because of the number of smartphones in use in the world, search engines now ranks responsive websites higher in their rankings. For this reason alone, if your business is thinking about investing in an upgraded website, please insure that you are receiving a responsive one.

Easy Site Navigation is Vital

There is no reason to develop a website that is impossible for visitors to use. Making a site where your visitors can’t find what they are looking for completely defeats the purpose. Whatever your website is about, make it simple for your site visitors to find it. Site organization and ease of use is one of the main aspects what makes a good website great.

In addition to easy navigation, it is vital that you make sure the actual text on your site can be read easily. That means you website should have a text size bigger than 12 points. Contrast is equally vital. Place lighter fonts on dark backgrounds and black fonts on light backgrounds.

Your Most Valuable Web Element: Content

People visit your site for your content, not because of your incredible web design. Your site’s content (text, video, images, etc.) is what your website visitors come for. This fact is uncomfortable for nearly all designers to hear, since it means developing websites is actually less important than creating articles. But in the vast majority of projects, your site is only as good as its content.

  • Written on a high level
  • Engaging topics
  • Compelling tone and voice
  • Keyword rich
  • Free of mistakes
  • Free from typos

The aesthetics, photos, navigation, typography, and functionality may engage your site visitors, but they will your content. We advise you to to have a combination of well-written, broad overview text and detailed text throughout your site, with descriptive text and impactful imagery to communicate your message. InterraMedia now offers a free website content review.


On the Importance of Photography

Current trends in site layouts use full-screen images. The idea is simple: large photography is attractive. Moreover, full-width images ask little with regard to graphic design experience. Practically every other website has full-width imagery these days. Take our advice, site visitors will respond to large photography on your website. But, where do website developers find beautiful images? For most designers, images are purchased from stock photography sites. However, at InterraMedia, we provide a simple, cost-effective custom photography service for our clients. We also do product photography for ecommerce solutions.


Web Design for Fayetteville

Based in Fayetteville, Interra has built dozens of websites for businesses and non-profits right here in our home town since 2004.

Web Design for Bentonville

InterraMedia frequently works with the vendor community in Bentonville.

Web Design for Rogers

Interra designs and builds modern, responsive websites for clients in Rogers.

Web Design for Springdale

InterraMedia works with my website design clients in Springdale.

Web Design for NWA

Interra designs and develops websites for valuable clients throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Web Design for Arkansas

InterraMedia’s design team builds websites for corporations, small businesses and non-profits all across Arkansas.