Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers. – Jared Spool

There are more than a few aspects of making websites which determines if a project is successful. Designers and their clients must be knowledgeable of these elements of current best practices. There are very broad ideas of what makes a website project awesome, but here are the modern standards a great website.

  • Responsive Design
  • Simple Navigation
  • Text Legibility
  • Awesome Text
  • Good Looking Design
  • Full-Screen Photos


Modern Web Design: Responsiveness

A responsive site is one that automatically alters the layout of the website elements to display appropriately for each device screen aspect ratio. This means a responsive site will appear correctly on any screen size, even phones and tablets. The website code will discern the dimensions of the visitor’s monitor, phone or tablet screen and change the sites appearance to best fill the device. Building responsive websites is no longer an alternative. All modern websites simply must be responsive.

Because of the popularity of smartphones being used in the world, Google now ranks responsive websites higher in their search results. Due to this, if your business is wanting to invest in a new website, it is mandatory that you are getting a responsive site.


The Importance of Website Organization

There is absolutely no reason to make a website that is impossible for visitors to use. Making a site where your visitors can’t find what they are looking for completely defeats the purpose. Regardless of what your website is for, make it simple for your site visitors to discover it. Make it straightforward for your visitors to locate what they want. Website organization and simplicity of navigation is one of the main criteria of a good website.

In addition to easy navigation, make sure the actual text on your site can be read without straining. That means using a font size bigger than 12 points. Contrast is equally important. Place white text on darker backgrounds and darker text on light backgrounds.


It’s All About Content

Your audience visits your site for your content, not for your incredible website design. Your site’s content (text, images, video, audio, etc.) is what your website audience is looking for. This idea is uncomfortable for many designers to hear, especially because it means developing websites is sadly of lesser importance than generating prose. But in the vast majority of projects, your site is only as good as its content.

The look, imagery, layout, ease of use, and functions are the things which engage your audience, but they will linger on your website due to your wonderful content. Some general advice is to to have a combination of expansive and well-written content and detailed posts throughout your site, with professionally-written text and impactful photos to communicate your message.


But How Should Your Website Look?

The attractiveness of your website is subjective. Interra Design Studios designs clean, modern website designs that are based on modern, contemporary design principles. If your shareholders feel that your current website should be brought up to contemporary standards, please allow our experienced website designers to research your present site and design a full-size mockup for a potential website.


Websites Need Great Photos

Current trends in site layouts include full-width images. The idea is uncomplicated: full-width images are inviting. In addition, large photos do not require much in terms of layout experience. Practically every other website has full-width imagery these days. Take our advice, audiences will respond to impressive images on your website. InterraMedia offers a range of photography services, from stock photo research to custom product, lifestyle, and architectural imagery.